WordPress Website Maintenance and Management Complete

Don’t let your WordPress website go stale or be left unsecured. We’ll help you stay on top of it. Our website professionals will take care of your routine site maintenance and backups, along with completing a daily task of your choice up to one hour per day to continually improve your business’s online presence.

What you can expect from us

  • We’ll complete up to one task/change at a time on one WordPress business website.
  • We’ll spend up to one hour per business day on each task (including design work).
  • We’ll back up your entire website each day.
  • We’ll complete routine website maintenance, including plugin, theme, and other security updates.
  • We’ll provide basic emergency website care.
  • We’ll monitor your website’s uptime.
  • We’ll provide you with ongoing chat support.
  • We’ll submit regular reports on your project’s status.

What we need from you

  • You’ll need to fill out a project questionnaire to help us get started. We can’t start working without it.
  • You’ll need to give us access to your existing WordPress website and hosting server.
  • You’ll need to specify which tasks you’d like us to work on.

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  • No long-term contracts

  • Cancel anytime

  • Trusted digital experts

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide website hosting?
This service does not include website hosting.
What if I want to use a different content management system besides WordPress?
This service requires the use of WordPress as a content management system.
What if I don’t have a WordPress website yet?
You’ll need a WordPress website built before starting this service.
How many tasks can I submit for completion at once? When can I submit them?
This service supports one submitted task at a time, meaning a task must be completed before you can request the next task. You can submit each task 24/7 through your dashboard.
What types of tasks can you complete for me each day?
These tasks cover minor website additions or changes. This includes changes such as building a new page, installing a new plugin, optimizing a page’s load speed, basic HTML edits or changes, CSS styling, and Javascript changes (including snippet or code installations). Examples of tasks that would not be supported by this service are custom plugin or theme development, backend custom development, and third-party integrations that would not be considered “plug and play.”
How much time will you spend on my task each day?
This service supports one hour of work per business day. Because this service supports minor changes (as opposed to major site updates), any submitted tasks should be able to be completed within one hour total. If you’re unsure about the time needed to complete your proposed task, please ask your pro.
What’s the timeline for completing each task?
This depends on the complexity of the task. Please expect one business day for us to start your next task and one additional business day for completion. If you’d like a completion timeline for a task you submitted, please ask your pro.
Can this include design work?
Yes, this service includes design work such as new graphics or page mockups. The design work is limited to designs for your website only (i.e. design work for printed materials or other marketing unrelated to your website is not covered). Any design work counts towards your one hour of work per day.
Can this include help with Woocommerce?
Yes, if you have Woocommerce functionality incorporated on your site, we can help you keep this up-to-date. This includes tasks such as adding products, updating existing products, and changing product prices. It does not support custom programming for specific integrations, such as modifying plugins to achieve different features.
Can you redesign my website or build a new website for me through the daily tasks?
This service covers website maintenance and minor site changes. It does not cover redesigning or building a brand new site.
What does “routine website maintenance” cover?
We’ll check your site each business day and look for available updates. This includes plugin, theme, and other security updates. When an update is available, we’ll complete it for you. We’ll also install, configure, and manage a plugin that will keep your site secure from basic internet threats.
What does “basic emergency care” cover?
Emergency care covers fixing reported issues on your site within one business day. This means once you report an emergency issue (such as a page not loading), we’ll take care of it within one business day, between the hours of 9am - 5pm Central Time.
If I don’t use my one hour of work on a particular day, can I have double on another day?
This service covers one task at a time, up to one hour per day. Any unused time does not roll over between days or months. Please keep this in mind as you’re planning out future tasks for your website.
If the task I want to have completed requires new text, images, or other content, do I need to provide it?
Yes, you’ll need to provide any text, images, or other content needed for your website changes.
Can I request revisions on the tasks?
Yes, while we aim to get it right on the first try, we do offer revisions for each task. If revisions are requested, we’ll take care of them during your one hour of daily work.
Can you restore my site from a backup if needed?
Yes, we can restore your site from the most recent backup upon request. If your website host is not automatically backing up your website, we’ll create a daily backup.
How often will I hear from my pro?
Your pro will submit regular project status updates to keep you informed on where things are at with your project. If you have a question for your pro outside of those regular updates, you can send them a message through your dashboard. They’ll respond within 1-2 business days.
How do I get started?
Getting started is simple. After you purchase, you’ll fill out a short project questionnaire to give your pro the info they need to get started. Once the questionnaire is submitted, your pro will send you a message within 1-2 business days through your dashboard to let you know they’re getting started or to ask you further clarifying questions if needed.